Free Toy Ideas for Children


We are temporarily closed due to enhanced quarantine procedures. I would like to share ideas as you stay with your child at home. 

It's our 6th year in a homeschooling set-up so we've recalled and listed down "free toys" that we've used/we've been using in our home. 

Here are suggestive or passive toys  that encourage creative play and fully engage a child: 

Photo was taken two years ago. Our daughter made a campfire out of papers, sticks and rocks.

1.) Capes and arm slings made from bath towels.

2.) Plastic Bottles ( jet packs, cars, planes, boats. Barbie furniture, water guns).

3.) Pretend the " Sari-sari" store stocked with empty food packages. 

4.) Threads and ropes ( pulleys, cranes, wigs, cowboys, toys snakes or worms).

5.) Puppet made from stray socks. ( great sewing activity for older kids).

6.) Binoculars made from empty toilet paper tubes taped together. 

7.) Blankets as costume, fort, tents, and stage play curtain. 

8.) Old cups and plates for tea-time and pretend restaurant. 

9.) Cardboard and boxes ( doll house, cars, airplane, ship, castle, cars, etc). 

10.) Sticks ( campfire, swords, dolls, etc.). 

11.) Paper and scissors ( let them cut imaginative patterns without the guidelines from textbooks). 

12.) Rocks and pebbles ( campfires, towers, pretend money, pets, fruits, pastries). 

13.) Paper, colored pencils, and crayons. As much as possible don't just let them stay in the lines by overwhelming them with coloring books. LET them CREATE  their own lines. Allow them to imagine. 

Enjoy and God bless! :) 



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